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Friday, November 16, 2012

Right Becomes Tight To Information

R T I ups and down in I N D I A

Now on Right to Information is ready to be out of its basic provisional perceptions. Prime Minister’s worry about the mass agitations increase all over the country on corruption subjects comes out on 7th Central Information Commissions conclave on Friday. They allegedly committed that right of information shouldn’t become a penetration in someone’s personal life. Behind this their excerpt is not any national moral saving thought or consideration towards national economical-social and political-international instability. Undoubtedly behind this government’s concern is not a pure national interest. Sure for we can understand this is completely an afraid that their topmost illegal capital prone regime soon going to break down. Anybody whether poor or rich, is now in position to have any kind of information belonging to government’s corruption, illegal money-laundering and over all wrong policies pertaining to country. Country has a question that why a common man shouldn’t appose the governmental those wrong decisions that pressing them down and down under the price-hike of every household usable and other problems. And if their is a act to them to have governance wrong decision’s information under the ‘right to information act’ and even when this act was not exist by the politicians policy; it had to become constituted by the lacks of social workers long struggle under the moral guidance of Anna Hazare; why it must be amended now? Is this all because the politician’s reality coming before the public in general and they are apposing the government hardly to leave the status?  Whichever, this concern of prime minister is only to move their governance safeguarding under the corruptions and illegal activities. Can say easily that right to information is going to become tight to information!


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