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Thursday, November 8, 2012

How Strange Is Life

Life In Beggar's Eyes
Do we have ever imagined how strange life is? For poor people it is an incomplete dream becoming a rich person and for rich people hard to understand the sincere sensibility embedded in poor person life. Poor people, who can't tolerate capitalists / Richy's inferior administration, does suicide. For them their lives are not anymore than this (suicide). Poor people, who can tolerate merciless capitalists and their rough way of conducting world, finds the solution of livable stability in God and his belief. They flows themselves with the this positiveness that one day GOD will appear and would do every and each disability correct.

But i think and thought that nothing will change for betterment. Who i.e. poor people is not in position to tolerate strangeness of life. So they always will be heading for suicides. Who can tolerate strangeness of the life will be praying for GOD. Here GOD has to find the absolute solution to justify the circumstances.

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